Leela – The most powerful transformational game for those who want to achieve results easily
For those who are doing well
For people who are satisfied with their lives, who already know how to get what they want, but want to be even more awesome, successful and stronger
For those who want to change something in life
The game is suitable for people who know exactly what they lack in life, and want to learn to get it easily and with pleasure
For those who feel uncertainty
Those looking for their purpose in life, those who haven't figured out their desires and dreams, and those who want to find themselves
For all who want to be better than yesterday
Get a cheat code for your life
Discover the real path to your goal
You will figure out how to achieve your goals without wish marathons, courses, and infomercials from fake "gurus"
Why is the game the most effective technique?

A game does not sound serious and the brain does not take it as literally as if you came to a psychologist, because it is difficult to open up to a stranger, and the subconscious resists, but here there is no resistance.
Leela is the most popular game of self-exploration
The game "Leela" is more than 2,000 years old. For centuries it was a "secret knowledge", carefully guarded, and only the chosen could play it.
Now you also have the opportunity to reach the mystery, which until recently was available only to a narrow circle of devoted people.
Here's a little more benefits of playing Leela:
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The game with real people is based on a private Telegram bot.

To play, you need to buy access and get an invitation to your email inbox.
Powerful daily practice - an unpredictable number of moves and the answer to your request awaits you
No one will tell you in advance from which die roll you will enter the game - it depends on your intention to develop and your request in the game.

No one will tell you in advance in how many turns your game will end - maybe in 3, maybe in 153. It all depends on you and on your willingness to change.

But what is certain is that your life will no longer be the same.
What 5 minutes of daily play will do for you
  • A game for those who value their time
  • 72 conditions in the game
  • Only 5 minutes a day
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • Play anonymously or reveal yourself in the game
  • The strength of the community and the supportive atmosphere
How does the game help me solve my problems?
Parents, environment, and friends have put programs into us that mostly do not suit us, but we use them because we think they are right and do not see the reason for failures and uncomfortable emotional and physical states.

As a result, you don't live the life you want, you set the wrong goals, and you don't do the things you want to do. Although you are sure that this is what you want, and you will be happy to achieve these very goals.

When you play the game, you often find that the answer to the question and the way to solve the problem should be sought not where it is logical to assume, but in a completely different place.

Leela helps you understand yourself, realize your true desires and goals. This is what is called Awareness.
What do I get in addition to the game itself
  • Free access to the stream of Leela
    All players get access to a channel where they can gain experience from other heroes and share their energy
  • Free access to a training chat
    The chat room is designed specifically to practice intention, roll the die before a move, and have a good time
  • Technical and methodological support
    If you have a question you don't want to discuss in the chat room, you can ask Young Buddha, your in-game guide
  • Chat support and communication with like-minded people
    In the House of Heroes, you'll find emotional support, you will be able to discuss your moves in the game, and you'll find a kindred spirit if you want to
And you will also learn that you are guided by
After your first life in the game, you will find out which energy is stronger in you - male or female, as well as which element influences you the most.

It will help you understand how you make decisions and build a path to your goals.

If you know what drives you, you can control it.
More than 40.000 people are already playing with us!
Access to the game
+ one request
Unlimited access
to the game
Pay once and resolve an unlimited number of requests
Access to the game
+ 3 requests
Get an invitation to the Telegram game
How do these rates differ?
The coolest rate is the unlimited rate. You get access to the game and an unlimited number of requests. You can live in the game one life after another, climb to new levels of life as many times as you want.

If you're not sure if this is what you want, you can buy access to the game and complete one request. All subsequent requests can be taken on a donation basis.

At any time, you can purchase unlimited access by simply paying the rest of the difference.
How the game is played
Request - Verification of the Request - Login - New Position - Report - Lilah Stream - New Move - New Position for the Day - House of Heroes - Report - Move - Report - ...
Positions in the game
Each day you will have a new cell in the game that corresponds to one of your states. Be aware of how it resonates in you and in your play request, and the next day anonymously share your thoughts.

You can make the move once a day, so that there is enough time to trace the connection of the position with your life.
Learn from others' experiences
Chat with other players, participate in discussions and ask your questions. It doesn't hurt to learn from other people's mistakes
There is a private Telegram chat available for the participants of the game
The chat room is a place of strength. Here we discuss the ups and downs, support each other and help each other in any way we can. You're likely to find new friends and partners among players.
After the game, participants leave with a sense that they are in control of their lives, and not the other way around.
All in-game updates are free for you
We don't want you to stop. Change not only your life in the game, but change the game to suit you.

The game has weekly updates that are created based on your requests.

Just write in chat or to Young Buddha, and maybe it's your suggestion that will be implemented next.

Access to the game
+ one request
Unlimited access
to the game
Pay once and resolve an unlimited number of requests
Access to the game
+ 3 requests